55th Class Reunion Survey (2020)

Comments Please

As we begin planning for Reunion #55 we are asking what you would like to see different or the same at the reunion.  How time flies when you are having fun.  Thanks in advance for taking the time to do this survey to help us plan.

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1)   What time of year do yo want to have a reunion?

2)   Do you like the format of a dinner and a short program?

Yes No
3)   If No, what would you like to do?

4)   Do you like the Memorial ceremony on Saturday afternoon?

Yes No
5)   If No, what would you like to do on Saturday afternoon?

6)   What would you like to do Friday evening?

7)   Please comment or expand your answer on question above to help the committee plan.

For example meeting at Elks and having sandwiches and having social time. If we combine this time with other classes which classes should we ask? If you selected "other" above, be sure to explain.
8)   Would you like to have event/program for early arrivals on Friday or Saturday morning.

9)   If you selected "other" above please comment or explain

10)   What other event and/or program would you like to see added to the reunion.

11)   Are you willing to be on the planning committee or help in some other way with the planning and execution of an event during the reunion?

12)   Do you have something specific you would like to help with or do?